H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY Reviews New Marketing Campaign

H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY Reviews New Marketing Campaign

H2 Concepts, Inc. in Mineola, NY has launched a new campaign which is being headed by Assistant Manager Ismael Sorto and his team of from H2. Ismael’s team includes Michael Hanley, Fabiola London, D.J. Morahan and Michael Lawrence all of whom have earned a spot on the expansion team.

H2 Concepts is faced with new and exciting challenges with this campaign, but have found a way to overcome it all. They enjoy the differences between campaigns and having found success in doing business to business makes working with business to consumer that much easier.

Ismael believes that having a positive team and being competitive with one another will help them succeed with this campaign. They are using the same skills that they acquired when they began and continue to prove over and over again that the marketing and sales system utilized by H2 Concepts works.

The H2 Concepts expansion team is covering Queens Village, Freeport, Hicksville, and surrounding areas. With this new territory under their feet, they are sure to be moving up in the company as well. Ismael says, “A positive attitude and good customer service skills will get you far in this company.” Ismael is moving up and is planning on opening his own office very soon. Everyone should be looking forward to seeing what this team is capable of.

H2 Concepts is Gearing Up for the National Conference


H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY is gearing up for the National Conference in Philadelphia starting on June 28, 2014. One of the H2 team members will be receiving a special leadership award at the event and the energy is buzzing through the office in anticipation of who is going to be selected.

Some of the H2 Concepts team members in the running are Valeria Carmelo and Julian Barreiros with their recent promotions to Senior Corporate Trainer as well as Hannah and Hillary Delon, Ronald Cobos, Irisa Kandi, Nick Landi, Mina Khorasnchi, Kayan Jean-Baptiste, and Christina Razack that all have been promoted to leadership position recently. Although they are working hard as individuals, the sale and marketing teams are dedicated to becoming the number one vendor in the North East.

H2 Concepts is looking to take over new territory and new campaigns for its clients and will do this by meeting and exceeding the goals set in place each and every day. There is no doubt that there is a healthy competition brewing between everyone and they are all excited to see what happens this week.

H2 Concepts Reviews Recent Northeast Leaders’ Conference


On April 6th, 2014, the entire H2 Concepts team traveled from Long Island to the Holiday Inn on 57th Street in Manhattan for the 2014 Northeast Leaders’ Conference. There they heard from several energetic and inspiring speakers that covered many business topics such as financing, leadership, and future trends in the marketing and sales industry.

Some of the most educational speeches came from several business consultants from New York City that work with a few Fortune 100 clients and some of the world’s most influential nonprofit organizations. “I loved hearing about the role of social media in business and leveraging it to communicate better with potential customers and job candidates,” commented HR Director Morgan Anderson. “All of the speakers were motivating and inspiring and I can’t wait to put these things into action!”

Many attendees from H2 Concepts stayed in town after the conference for a social event and dinner. Thanks to everyone who organized the event and attended!

H2 Concepts Travels to Dallas, Texas for Industry Leaders’ Conference


On March 21, 2014, Dan Rosenberg, President of H2 Concepts, and three rising stars, Valeria, Julian, and Alan, traveled to the most recent Industry Leaders’ Conference in Dallas, Texas.

The group heard from several speakers from around the country, each detailing their own success stories and giving great advice to those in attendance. One speaker talked about how it is wonderful to experience an abundant amount of work success, but you become superior when you have that same success in your personal life. He knew that balance is one of the most important aspects of life and said to them ensure that they take one day just for themselves with no work.

H2 Concepts’ rising stars were not only gifted with being able to hear the wise words from a few of the industry’s business leaders, but they also began to network with others in the field including the managers of companies in Dallas and Houston. Through networking, Valeria, Julian, and Alan were able to learn about the different aspects of being a Corporate Trainer such as best ways to train different types of individuals.

All in all the group learned some key points on how to become a success in the industry and have added a few accountability partners to keep them on track to keep to reaching their own goals. Valeria, Julian and Alan continue to stay on top and aspire to attend more business trips in the coming future.

H2 Concepts Reviews Success and Future Goals


H2 Concepts was born as a result of a high demand from fortune 100 and 500 companies looking to them for their success in acquiring new customers. H2 Concepts finds success in direct marketing by keeping it “old school” meaning H2 employs a face to face personal marketing approach. By being the smile and firm handshake behind these companies brings H2’s clients long term customers as well as positive name brand recognition. H2 Concepts started as a small company working for one client and is now home to a constantly growing number of associates trying to meet the demands of many clients. H2 Concepts is looking forward to opening over 35 offices by the December 2016.

Executives enjoy working for H2 Concepts because of the high energy and positive attitude created every morning and the personal recognition for their accomplishments every evening. There is no way that you can feel like just a number working for H2 Concepts. Through the dedicated training program, each executive is given the tools to become both successful and profitable.

H2 Concepts believes in giving a new and positive experience to a diverse group of people and thrives on employing people who believe in hard work, dedication, willingness to learn, and have a positive attitude. H2 Concepts is a totally organic company, meaning we only promote from within and believe that in order to be a successful manager you must lead by example. You can only achieve this by mastering every position in the company starting with entry level and working the way up to manager.

Dan Rosenberg, CEO of H2 Concepts, came into the marketing world in 2010 after working 15 plus years in the restaurant business with a low quality of life. He believes with hard work, dedication, and a great student mentality, you have can achieve whatever you set your mind to. He has a clear vision of where he wants not only himself and the company to be in the next 5 years but how to help others achieve the same success he has been granted.